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A bit about Limpopo Waters

With the ever decreasing quality of water in Limpopo, we saw the need for water purification systems in and around Polokwane.

We mostly focus on household filtration systems but we are well equipped to install and service commercial machines too.

5 Reasons why you should choose a Water Purifying System


Removes harmful pollutants: The Reverse Osmosis filtration system removes up to 99% of harmful pollutants from your drinking water protecting the health of you and your family.

Saves you time: By allowing you to drink water at your house instead of going all the way to a water purification system in town.

Saves your money: Bottled water is very expensive, and because you have to buy a new bottle every time you want to drink pure water, you will end up paying a lot by not buying a home system as soon as possible.

Protects your household water appliances: As lime build-up is a huge problem in and around Polokwane, we realised we had to offer a water softener specifically designed to remove lime and other heavy solubles from the water source, to better protect your geyser elements and other plumbing appliances.

Protects your air quality inside your home: As some pesticides and other chemicals can become airborne with sufficient hot water, it may enter your home leading to respiratory problems such as asthma.

Home Purification Systems

Limpopo Water specializes in water purification systems for households in Limpopo. We offer a variety of Reverse Osmosis systems and filters to best suit your needs and budget.

As the water quality in Limpopo is decreasing it’s vital to protect your family from contaminated and harmful water. We use the popular Reverse Osmosis Method which filters out 99.8% harmful chemicals to ensure the best drinking water for you and your family.

Limpopo Waters is based in Polokwane and is a subsidiary of RO Water Systems, which is one of the Leading Water Purification companies in South Africa.

Commercial Water Systems

We offer a variety of commercial water filtration and softener systems for our Limpopo based commercial clients.

Seeing as the area surrounding Polokwane has heavy lime reserves, our best solution is a water softener especially designed for removed huge amounts of lime and other heavy solubles.

We also install complete system water bars at your business premises to ensure your staff and customers have pure water available.

The water bars also serve as a great passive income generator so don’t hesitate calling us about a franchise option today.

How does Reverse Osmosis work?

The Reverse Osmosis purification method involves forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane, which filters out a select number of water contaminants, depending on the size of the contaminants.

These purification machines produce ultra pure water but also produce what is called waste water. The amount of waste water produced is dependent on the quality of the incoming water. Although it is called waste water this water has been through triple filtration before being rejected by the membrane mentioned above. You can use this waste water for showering, watering the garden or to flush your toilets.

This waste water may contain bacteria if your source of water comes from a river or borehole. If however the source is municipal it should not contain bacteria.


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